Workflow Symposium for early Summer at UM?

Hello all!  Lance and I are beginning to put together the symposium.  If you can share specifics of what types of workflows that you are most interested in covering that would be appreciated.  Also, any ideas for guest speakers?


October RDPP Meeting Details

Our next RDPP meeting is Monday, October 28 from 6:00 to 8:00ish at the Benson Ford Research Center at The Henry Ford in Dearborn.
  • Digital Processing Archivist Brian Wilson discusses digital preservation at The Henry Ford
  • Discuss the results of the workflows symposium survey
    • (Go here if you are still interested in filling out the survey)
    • Look at feedback from the survey
    • Discuss some details and decide if we should go to the next phase of planning
  • Discuss future RDPP meeting topics
    • What tools would we like to look at or demo?
    • Metadata for digital collections?
  • Volunteers to host the next RDPP meeting?
  • Tour of the Research Center
  • See the linked map (PDF) and follow directions noted for the Benson Ford Research Center
  • Park along Village Road and enter the BFRC lobby via the Plaza at the Village Entrance
  • There will be someone in the Plaza area to help direct everyone
A special thanks to Brian Wilson and the staff at The Henry Ford for hosting this edition of RDPP!

Possible Workflows Symposium

The idea was floated at the August RDPP meeting that an all-day workshop or symposium focusing on digital preservation workflows (things like ingest, validation, archiving, access, tools, etc.) would be of interest to area practicers. Possible content could include:

  • Speakers discussing how to design a workflow
  • Sharing workflows and tools that are currently in use
  • Dedicated time to ask questions, group breakouts, etc.

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor could host something like this on campus if there is interest. I have created a very short (only one required Y/N question!) survey here to garner feedback. If you think you would be interested in something like this, please fill it out and help shape the content! This survey (and any resulting symposium) is open to anyone who is interested.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

RDPP Meeting this coming Monday!

Hello all!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting!  The time is 6-9pm at University of Detroit Mercy Library.  Snacks will be available.  Thanks to Pat Higo our hostess!

We look forward to a great discussion about the efforts and levels of preservation that you are each attempting.

I will also present a summary of my survey (thanks to all that filled them out).

A re-cap of key concepts from the Mid-Michigan RDPP will also be presented.
As always, Lance and I want to keep this informal and open so anything else that you want to cover relevant to Digital Preservation and Curation is fine!

Parking: Parking is free on campus-might be a very busy, its the first day of
classes. Recommend people use the McNichols entrance as being closest to
the library, park in the student area, only a few slots in the visitor
part of the lot. Library is about the center of the campus, they should
not have any problem seeing the sign in front of the library. Library is
on McNichols campus.

Let me know if you have questions.  Lance and I are so thrilled at how many people are getting involved to help each other!

Next RDPP Meeting

Monday, August 26th is the date for our next Regional Digital Preservation Practitioners meeting for Toledo/Detroit/Ann Arbor/Ontario.

The time is 6-9pm at University of Detroit Mercy(more details to follow). We look forward to a great discussion about the efforts and levels of preservation that you are each attempting.

As a reminder, I have a survey for those that may have missed it three weeks ago. It was technically due Sunday, but I would really like more input so if you could take 10 minutes to fill it out, I would really appreciate it! The results will be posted on our WordPress site ( and results will be anonymous per institution. I am only looking at trends.  It is attached in the link below.

It would be really valuable research for us all to benchmark where we all are in the Digital Preservation fight!

I thank you in advance for your efforts! Lance and I are so thrilled at how many people are getting involved to help each other!

Also, Mid-Michigan is planning their own RDPP Meeting for August 2 so we may see some of you there!
RDPP Survey Questions Final General Version